About Us

The Spokane Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit local public charity dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. Since 1897, we have acted as a refuge for animals in peril by providing care, shelter, and placement for tens of thousands of lost, neglected, and unwanted animals in the greater Spokane area. The number of animals we serve has varied over the years based upon our mission and role as animal control or in our current role as a companion animal adoption shelter. We place between 2500-3500 animals annually through our adoption program and we reach out to tens of thousands of individuals promoting the importance of animals in our lives and the need to reduce the surplus animal population through spay & neuter programs. By mandate of the Spokane Humane Society’s board of directors in January 2006, the SHS stopped euthanizing animals due to lack of space. Limited resources and available kennels made it impossible to continue to accept unlimited animals and made it necessary to work with our community partners in animal control and breed specific rescue evolving to our current day “Reservation required” shelter. This change initially reduced the number of animals we served each year but increased the number of animals being permanently placed into loving homes and improved placement rate from 52% to 79% from 2006 to 2007. As a part of this policy change, strays are referred to their appropriate animal control facility and are being transferred back based upon the needs of the animals/partner agencies and our space available. In 2008, we had a placement rate of 96%.

Since 1897, the Spokane Humane Society has extended the hand of kindness to stray and unwanted animals in the greater Spokane Area. The Society shelters and cares for companion animals, transfers stray animals from animal control when they are out of space, operates a low-income spay and neuter clinic and educates the public about humane issues and responsible pet care.

Mission Statement

The Society’s mission statement is as follows:

Working together to enrich the lives of companion animals through Support, Education, Advocacy and Love. (SEAL)

Vision Statement

Committed to creating a humane community in which animals are treated with compassion and respect, resources are readily available to those who require support for the animals in their lives. Engaging and educating the community by reducing the intake of animals through spay/neuter programs and creating an environment where the animals and the organization thrive.

When the Spokane Humane Society was founded by a group of concerned citizens in 1897, we looked after the draft horses used to carry loads up Spokane’s South Hill. Nowadays, SHS takes in more than 5,000 animals a year, mostly dogs and cats in need of compassionate care.

Our hundred-plus-year history is all the more impressive, we think, when you consider how we are funded. The Spokane Humane Society is a private, non-profit, public charity supported to a large extent by those of you in the community who care deeply about the welfare of homeless pets. They thank you — and so do we.

If you’d like to learn more about SHS’ beginnings, you might enjoy Nona Hengen’s book, “In Pursuit of Compassion,” written to celebrate our centennial in 1997.

To order a copy for $18.95 plus tax and shipping, please contact us at

(509) 467-5235 or

P.O. Box 6247,
Spokane, WA 99217

Our foster care volunteers temporarily take pets into their homes. We may not have room for a particular animal, it may be sick and need a little extra care, or it may benefit from some human socialization to prepare for adoption. If you’d like to help the animals in this way, contact our Intake and Foster Coordinators at (509) 467-5235 ext: .

Join the outreach program if you’d like to provide education about animal care to area schoolchildren. Amanda Bennett, our outreach coordinator, can tell you more. Reach her at (509) 467-5235 ext. 228.

Rescue groups may have connections we don’t have, so they give our animals a further chance at adoption. Rescues are encouraged to partner with us. Please get in touch with Randi Oien at (509) 467-5235 ext: 214.

It takes a lot of people to run an organization as busy as the Spokane Humane Society. Our dedicated volunteers work in the office, beautify the grounds, walk the animals, help out with events and fundraisers, and lots more. Interested? Please get in touch with Amanda Bennett at (509) 467-5235 ext: 228.