Staff & Board of Directors


Executive Director
Sheila Geraghty

Development Director
Kerry Wiltzius

Director of Operations
Randi Oien

Volunteer, Outreach & Social Media Coordinator
Amanda Bennett

Office Manager
Jennifer Anderson

Holly Cochrane

Dr. Laura Talaga
Dr. Logan Belleque

Veterinarian Assistants
Jenna Luce, LVT
Kyle Douvia
Morgan Mays

Clinic Receptionist
Pamela Gardner


Adoption Counselors 
Evelyn Gallas
Sheena Bryant
Halle Shepherd

Intake & Foster Coordinators
Jessica Hogue

Everyday Adoption Center (PetSmart)
Virginia Jansen
Melanie Helms
Tasha Jeppesen
Richard Sparacin

Feline Kennel Technician
Hannah Rich
Donna Versteg

Canine Kennel Technician
Mike Bratcher
Aimee Poulain
Jan Keogh

Exam Technicians
Katie Schmidlkofer
Denielle Elliott

Grounds/Maintenance Staff
Justin Lelbach

Board of Directors

Janelle Brennan, President
Maria Walker, Vice President
Debbie Weber, Treasurer
Catherine Reynolds, Secretary
Sara Desautel
Courtney Garcea
Gail Golden
Greg Leland
Jerry Post
Marya Hammer


Become a Board Member

Thank you for considering volunteering your time, talent, energy and wisdom to serve on our Board of Directors. Board members are added annually at our April membership meeting. Board applications are accepted anytime to help develop a pool of quality candidates.

All Society Board members are trying to achieve the same objective to create the best possible organization to meet the needs of our communities unwanted and abandoned companion animals. Each of your fellow Board members bring different skills and you will be able to learn from all of them. At the same time, you will be able to share your skills and knowledge with them. Yes, you are responsible for the programs and services your organization delivers. And, yes, you are responsible for the money the organization handles. But no, every decision is not a life-and-death decision. So relax a bit. Be prepared to meet new challenges at the same time as you do a lot of good work. And above all else, have fun!

It is important to understand that, as a Board member, you have certain responsibilities to the membership, donors, consumers, staff, and our many four legged furry friends. You have a legal responsibility to carry out the affairs of the corporation. It is also important to understand that, as a volunteer, no one expects you to be an expert in all aspects of non-profit operation. All that you are asked to do is to apply the same skills and judgment that you use in your daily activities to the operation of the organization.

  1. Determine and support the mission and goals of the Spokane Humane Society.
  2. Select and support the Executive Director and assess his or her performance.
  3. Ensure effective organizational planning.
  4. Ensure adequate resources/raise money.
  5. Exercise fiduciary responsibility and oversight of Society assets.
  6. Determine, monitor and strengthen the organization’s programs and services.
  7. Enhance the organization’s public standing by advocating its mission and goals to the community.
  8. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  9. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance. Boards are wonderful places to learn new skills and to hone existing ones.

Please complete the application and send it to Sheila Geraghty or fax it to (509) 464-4640 and a member of the Board Development committee will contact you.

Whatever your skills and interests, we are looking for leaders that will enhance our leadership team and ensure that the Society holds true to its mission, vision and values. The Spokane Humane Society is at a critical turning point. There are great demands for our programs and services and increased competition for individual and corporate donations.we cannot respond to these changes without a committed Board of Directors, willing and able to govern and guide it. We appreciate your interest.

Sheila Geraghty-Executive Director
Spokane Humane Society
WK (509) 467-5235 ext 213