Lost & Found

It is critical to check local shelters in person at least once every 72 hours for dogs, and daily for cats. It may take as little as a few hours, or up to several weeks or more for a lost pet to be taken to a shelter. Check often and don’t give up.

Most shelters take lost reports in person, and we also suggest posting lost pet ads in the newspaper and on websites such as Craigslist. Also consider posting flyers in your neighborhood and checking with neighbors and other people in your area.

The Spokane Humane Society accepts animals released by their owners as well as animals transferred from SCRAPS after their stray hold. We generally do not receive strays directly, and any we do receive will be immediately transferred to SCRAPS.

You can still visit our shelter to look for lost animals, complete a lost report and check our found reports. Click here for our hours, address and driving directions. Our phone number is (509) 467-5235.

When you do find your pet, we strongly suggest microchipping and placing a collar on him with a license or id tag, as well as having your pet spayed or neutered. Most animals hit by cars are unaltered, often roaming in search of a mate. Neutering will help keep pets closer to home and less likely to try to escape.


Found a Pet?

If you have found a pet, you may bring him to the appropriate shelter for the area where he was found or call for him to be picked up. If you would prefer to keep him and try to locate the owner yourself, we recommend that you file a found report with all area shelters and have him scanned for a microchip (any animal shelter can do this). You may also post a free found classified with the Spokesman Review and on websites such as Craigslist.

If you are approached by someone claiming that it is their pet, have them provide identifying details to ensure that they are the true owners. You may also suggest to the owner that they have their pet licensed and microchipped to find him more easily the next time.



Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) houses stray animals found within unincorporated Spokane County, the City of Spokane, the City of Spokane Valley, the City of Liberty Lake, the City of Millwood, the City of Cheney, the City of Fairfield, the City of Deer Park, and the City of Medical Lake.

SCRAPS phone number is (509) 477-2532. Click here for more information about SCRAPS, including their address, hours, and animals currently impounded.