Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteerVolunteering at the Spokane Humane Society is a fun and rewarding job! New volunteers are asked to make a time commitment of two one hour shifts per month for the first three months. There are many exciting programs, see below for more details! If you’re ready to apply to become a volunteer please click here.

If you have a large group who wishes to volunteer for a project or would just like a tour of the facility please email Amanda Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator or call (509) 467-5235 ext. 228

Kitten and Puppy season is right around the corner and we need your help! Visit our foster care page to learn more about how you can help SHS save lives this year!

K-9 Crew

Volunteers assist with dog socialization and training programs designed to help shelter animals shine while waiting to be adopted. Volunteers take them for walks, groom and play with the dogs.

Feline Friends

Volunteers help each cat or kitten get the socialization and exercise needed while waiting to be adopted. Volunteers play, groom and promote the cats and kittens.

Foster Care

The Foster Care program utilizes a network of foster homes to provide temporary housing and care for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. Volunteers provide love, fun, and basic essentials for animals in need, in the comfort of their own home or apartment.


Each year our staff and volunteers conduct over 100 adoption outreach events. The Outreach program is designed to increase visibility by taking adoptable animals  to public venues. Volunteer teams help transport and showcase animals for adoption. Outreach events typically happen on weekends and volunteers participating should be highly motivated and good with the public.

Front Desk

Volunteers actively help visitors at the Spokane Humane Society. This is a highly people-oriented program. Volunteers in this area should have a general knowledge of customer service, computer and phone skills. Volunteers will work at a fast pace and sometimes in stressful situations.


Volunteers are trained to maintain basic cleanliness, clean, pack and sterilize surgical instruments and assist with patient preparation and recovery in our high quality, high volume spay and neuter clinic.

Community Service

Individuals needing to complete civic or court ordered community service are welcome to apply. There are always projects or activities where we could use a helping hand. Court ordered volunteers must first call the Volunteer Coordinator, Amanda Bennett (509) 467-5235 ext. 228.